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Open Letter To Shareholders of Klukwan Inc.
by Albert K. White


April 11, 2005

Shareholders of Klukwan Inc, my name is Yaa Sain, I am Eagle; Bear, my grandmother is Cecilia White of Cape Fox. I am writing in regards to aerial spraying on Long Island. It is up to you to overturn a decision made by your directors that will directly affect your grandchildren seven generations down the road. I know there is at least one shareholder who has the courage to expose this spraying for what it is; an attempt to line the pockets today, with no regard for tomorrow. All I am asking is the shareholder body take a look at history and use its common sense. Cancers as well as threats of extinctions to our national emblem (The American Eagle) have been the outcome of introducing chemicals into our atmosphere in the past. Just because the aerial spraying is referred to as Herbicidal Spraying doesn't change the fact that it kills alder and salmonberries. Our wildlife will eat the remains of the pesticide, which in-return local gathers will eat, or it will leach into streams, running into rivers, filling lakes, and flowing into our oceans. Eventually affecting our natural medicines and infecting our fish. Will Klukwan not be happy until it has changed the genetic structure of our plants and animals; which will ultimate change ours? To say that it will only harm alder and salmonberries is ridiculous; common sense says otherwise. Your company cut the trees down and failed to foresee the over growth of what Klukwan calls shrubs and a majority of local natives call subsistence. Now Klukwan Inc. must pay the price. The easy way out is usually the wrong way because it hurts others, there is no easy way out. It will not be easy to overturn a decision and find an alternative. It's time for Klukwan Inc. to think outside the box and get creative. Utilize what you have, even if it means man power, creating opportunities for shareholders to cut down the alder and salmonberries by hand replacing them with trees. At least then you could guarantee the health of all the people and wildlife. Look into your policies gather the required signatures needed and tell your directors too much be at stake for a little money later. Money you will probably use defending yourself in legal battle due to the sickness caused.

There are other ways to make money rather than to put people's subsistence and health at risk. I've seen the studies while serving for the Saxman I.R.A. I've heard the so-called buffer zones made up by government officials and the endorsements given on how it is only toxic for alder and salmonberries. The fact of the matter is the government has been wrong before and when push comes to shove Klukwan Inc. will ultimately be responsible for the decisions made on the spraying.

If I have offended anyone in the writing of this opinion it was not my intention and I'm sorry. I have based my opinion on facts, history, and common sense. I have also taken into account the large amount of public support against Herbicidal Spraying.


Albert K. White
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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