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Health implications of not breastfeeding
by Nicole Carver


April 06, 2005

Dear Sir,

James Glassman should properly research issues before writing about them for publication. His ignorance about the safety or otherwise of infant formula in developing countries is astounding. Even in developed countries there are health implications of not breastfeeding. These are too many to list but include higher rates of juvenile diabetes, some childhood cancers, chronic ear infections, allergy in susceptible infants and diarrhea. Now DIARRHEA is one of the major killers of children in the developing countries, mainly due to poor quality water supplies and inadequate hygiene. Breast feeding is protective against diarrhea. I could go on. For anyone who is considering opposing the WHO policy, please do your own research first, and look for reputable sources of information.

Nicole Carver
RN, RM, MCHN, BN, IBCLC, MHsc candidate

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