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Breastfeeding is the biological norm
by Jami McLean


April 06, 2005

The article by this author is horrible, ignorant and misinformed. I am saddened and disappointed that he is even being published. I'm not sure what his agenda is other than making himself look foolish and ignorant and your publication by association. His article on breastfeeding and the WHO was just about the most ignorant and backward thing I have ever read. He needs to get a clue.

The WHO is doing what is best for women and children around the world. Breast feeding is the biological norm for a good reason, it is the ONLY healthy way to feed an infant/toddler. Formula is crap plain and simple, not a "healthy substitute" as Mr. Glassman suggests. Formula is responsible for killing infants all over the world due to inadequate nutrition. The WHO is trying to change this.

Mr. Glassman should educate himself on the facts before spouting his nonsense. Or he should not be published, as he makes the publication also look foolish.

Jami McLean
Pittsburg, PA - USA

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