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Time for Congress to get serious about WHO's excesses!
by Colin Knau


April 06, 2005

I take exception, strong exception to this less than eurodite commentary. Only someone with a vested interest in promoting infant formula could write so blindly or present such an uninformed point of view.

Infant formula compromises the health of babies. Full stop.

Infant formula has come a long way from its debut as an enticement to garner cheap labour for the industrial revolution. It is a billion-dollar industry capitalizing on our fast paced life. Slick marketing offers it as an alternative to mother's milk. Naturally we all enjoy choice, however so much goes unsaid. If we look at current scientific findings,(1) we will learn the truth, which is often suppressed and unheralded by mass media- infant formula compromises health.

Scientific evidence tells us: mothers' milk is the elixir of life, offering perfect sustenance for a developing body and brain. Breast milk is the currency of health, it isn't a choice; it is the life force.

Our innate handbook leads us instinctively through the birth process and the vitally important first hour. When we trust our preprogrammed script and ourselves, an amazing thing happens. A newborn (like all mammals) will make the journey from the birth canal to mother's nourishment on her own- instinctively. She will 'latch on' and start a wonderful experience which imbues both baby and mother with all necessary biochemistry to sustain a loving relationship and a simpler & safer life. Mothers' milk provides antibodies, complete nutrition, calming and 'feel good' hormones and many other amazing benefits while speeding mothers' recovery and weight loss.

Risk of common cancers and post partum depression is significantly reduced. Babies suffer less stomach problems, enjoy reduced risk of diabetes, obesity, allergies and eczema, respiratory and heart disease, and more. They have higher IQ and self esteem, and generally eclipse North American milestones of development. Physical touch so vital to health is cherished, fostering healthy brains, social adjustment and precluding violent behavior.

Suckling develops and aligns baby's palate, epiglottis, eustachian tubes, teeth and eyes. Resulting in a decrease of - SIDS, acute inner ear ache (AOM2), corrective surgery, dental work and glasses.

Statistics and science tell us- loving, social and productive humans capable of enjoying long term relationships and happy marital life -result from healthy attachment through breast feeding and hands on nurturing. 3

The net result is HEALTH, - which means less health care costs, wait times, remedial & restorative services and countless other public expense. Taxes go down and incomes rise, allowing one parent a hiatus from employment to raise healthy and holistic children.

We need to trust our instincts and put 'prudence & peace' before profit? Natural nurturing is the hallmark of peaceful nations.

Colin Knau
Pickering, Ontario - Canada


2 AOM is just one of the biggest of many avoidable drains on Health Care, involving 8% of medical visits for children under the age of 14. It results in surgery on 1 in 4 children. Antibiotic impotence is a direct result of overuse in treating AOM, leaving us vulnerable to the threat of super bugs.
3 Natural nurturing research primer-


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