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Uninformed about breastfeeding
by Bunny Divine


April 06, 2005

Dear Sirs,
Your article on baby formula was interesting but uninformed.  Women choose to breastfeed because it is normal nutrition for a normal baby.  Infant formula is not a good substitute for human milk.  Giving babies substandard nutrition will not help bring poor countries out of poverty.  The WHO's viewpoint on infant formula is not out of line.  They are also backed up by the AAP in the states.  Can the AAP have a "secret agenda" too?  They both want to see human babies getting human milk.  Infant formula is not the way to liberate women.  On the contrary it takes away some of the amazing power that a woman's body is blessed with.  A real woman can see the power in her breasts and can feed her baby without having to give up all other aspects of her life.  Many women work and breastfeed.  Many women don't find breastfeeding to be a burden.  We don't need or deserve to use infant formula.  Breastfeeding is easy, practical, and normal.  Infant formula is costly, impractical, and not as good.  I really don't see why any normal healthy woman would want to use it. 

Bunny Divine


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