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Protocol for complaints
by Shauna Lee


April 5, 2005

Dear Mr. Branco, it seems that you have mistaken Sitnews for the McDonalds Corporation. There really isn't anything that the local citizens of Ketchikan can do about the habits and practices of the employees of McDonalds.

I have been dissapointed with their service on many occasions and I directed my complaints, either via their 800 number or their web site, to the company directly. In doing so, I have been treated with incredible courtesy, discount coupons, McDonald themed gifts, and surprise, surprise - actual changes at the local level. They have never failed to follow up a month later with a call to make sure that I was happy with the results.

I personally haven't purchased more than a soda or a salad from McDonalds in quite some time. One viewing of "Super Size Me" cured me of any greasy fry addiction. But since you are, as you attest, a frequent flyer (or is that fryer?), you should at least learn the protocol for complaints. It begins and ends with the McDonalds Coporation.

Good Luck!

Shauna Lee
Ketchikan, AK - USA

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