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Where does our oil go?
by Ronald C. Currit


April 4, 2005

In the scramble to drill for oil and the rising cost to the consumer for oil based goods, why do we export all of our oil from Alaska to other countries? If our oil were refined here in Alaska we could make more decent (not Minimum wage) jobs for our own people here in Alaska!

There seems to be some kind of an unwritten rule that says use Alaska's natural resources by harvesting and shipping. But if the timber, seafood, oil and other industries in Alaska would just take their products one step further and then sell a finished product there would be no shortage of work for the Alaskan population.

The fishing industry in Alaska has come a long way by canning some salmon but there is a lot more that could be done to make our natural resources do more for our people here in Alaska.

Ronald C. Currit
Thorne Bay, AK - USA


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