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Simple conveniences for consumers
by Amy Schmitt


April 2, 2005

I am not happy to hear the alleged reason for McDonalds asking its customers to move forward to recieve all or part of their order. I always thought it was because some part of my order was taking a bit longer and they needed to serve the people behind me in line. This is just one more irritating issue that McDonalds gives to its consumers. I agree that it is fraudulent if they are doing it to keep the service time numbers down!!!!! How rude!

Here are two more things I have always wondered about. The first issue is the problem with McDonalds continually being behind the times in regards to their public restrooms. On a recent visit, I noticed that they now have self flushing toilets in the women's restroom. This is great, but why do they still not have toilet seat covers? It would seem to protect the employees too, but although almost every other public restroom in Ketchikan has provided their customers with this simple convenience, they continue to ignore person's needs for sanitary conditions. And a paper towel dispenser would be nice too-the drying machine never dries your hands all the way!

The other issue that I have wondered about is that there is a good opportunity to draw in more customers to McDonalds-and they keep missing the boat. The business space next to McDonalds has become available probably 10 times in the 12 years I have lived in Ketchikan, and sometimes remains empty for many months. I wonder why McDonalds does not think to lease this space to put in an indoor McDonalds play area for its customers (Let's face it-our children are the main reason for most of us to continue to spend our hard earned dollars on this "heart attack in a bag" meal option.)

We all have read the "Nothing to Do in Ktn" letters to Sitnews, and I think this would be a great opportunity for McDonalds to give something back to our community. All they would have to do is knock out the wall between the old Zale's space, and there would be a great place to do something kid friendly!!!

I guess it is kind of like Alaska Airlines, why lower the prices or give added conveniences to your consumers if they are willing to pay more than the rest of the country as it is? Why do we continue to allow our community to charge so much for as little payback as they can possibly get away with?

Maybe someone just needs to add another McDonalds-say out by Wal-Mart, so that they have some competition?

Amy Schmitt
Ward Cove, AK - USA


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