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To the citizens of North Tongass
by David Hull


April 1, 2005

On Saturday April 2nd the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department in conjunction with both the Ketchikan Fire Department and the South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department will be conducting an extended tanker drill from 10:00 in the morning to around 1:00 p.m. The purpose of the drill is to test our ability to deliver 250 gallons of water per minute for a period of two hours. This is a basic test that ISO, the insurance rater, requires in determining classification rates. The lower the ISO rate, the better the insurance rate that is available.

jpg Fire Department Tanker

North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department's Tanker 8 (middle of picture) is seen beside a drop tank supplying water to KFD's Engine 2 (at left) at a fire in the Shoreline area recently. Tanker 8 was one of four tankers that supplied water for the fire fight under a mutual aid agreement currently in place between all thee island fire departments. KFD's Tanker 2 is seen on the right. Residents of the North End will see Tanker 8 and several more on the highway this Saturday as NTVFD along with KFD and STVFD conduct an extended tanker drill near the Mecca at mile 11.

Residents on the north end will see several water tankers traveling back and forth between the pulp mill site and Point Higgins School, our two current water sources. The location of the drill will be on a home site located in front of the Mecca near 11119 North Tongass Highway. We are very grateful to the property owners who have allowed us the use of their property for this drill. Drivers are asked to keep an eye out for fire tankers crossing the road just north of the Mecca. Warning signs will be posted in the area.

It is the intention of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department to provide the best possible emergency response we can in the most cost efficient manner we can make available. This training is a valuable exercise for all the volunteers involved. If you see one of the firefighters along the road please wave at them and in that way thank them for giving up their Saturday to train to provide fire protection to all the residents on the north end.

On behalf of all the volunteers let me thank you in advance for your support and patience,

David Hull, Chief
North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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