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Open Letter to Borough Mayor: Water Taxi
by Amy T. Thompson


April 1, 2005

Dear Mr. Salazar;

I have a real problem with your assessment that the Water Taxi is taking away revenue from the Borough. People who use the Water Taxi instead of the Borough ferry do so for two reasons: We support private enterprise and we recognize that it provides a more convenient and efficient service than the Borough ferry. I should also mention that this private business has come to the Borough's aid by transporting Borough personnel across to the ferry in an emergency. We are not costing the Borough anything.

It is an unacceptable proposition to dock the Water Taxi patrons for KGB fuel increases since these people are not using fuel purchased by the Borough. This is a burden that falls only onto the individual business. The Water Taxi has already been strong-armed into charging its customers a per-ride fee commensurate with the Borough's ferry fee in addition to a docking fee. I should also point out that the Water Taxi pays sales tax on its revenue. To insinuate that its patrons are bilking the Borough of potential revenue is an abomination. It is obvious to me that you do not value private enterprises' role in society.


Amy T. Thompson
Ward Cove, AK- USA


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