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Knowles Challenges Kerry On ANWR
Faults Both Parties for Failure to Reach a National Energy Bill


April 22, 2004

Anchorage, AK - U.S. Senate Candidate Tony Knowles took presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry to task Tuesday for his opposition to responsible development within the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Kerry is currently running a television advertisement that mentions his stance on ANWR.

"With all due respect to the party's nominee, on the issue of responsible development of the coastal plain and meeting America's energy needs, John Kerry is just wrong,"  Knowles said.  America needs a balanced energy bill that includes steps to better conserve energy, incentives for developing renewable, alternative sources of energy; and increases domestic production of oil and natural gas.

Alaska has been and can continue to be a major part of such a comprehensive plan, through development of ANWR's oil reserve with the appropriate environmental safeguards, by getting our proven quantities of clean-burning natural gas to market through incentives to finance the Alaska gas pipeline, and by tapping Alaska's abundant reserves of heavy oil, said Knowles.

Knowles said, "The current gridlock over a national energy bill demonstrates the work we Alaskans have ahead of us to pass a bill that really addresses the nation's energy needs. While Democrats attack ANWR, the Republican Bush Administration has killed the most important part of developing the natural gas pipeline - the revenue-neutral commodity tax credit. "

"The result is an energy bill that might satisfy each side's partisan goals, but the loser is the American people. We need a change in Washington to put partisan interests aside and resolve the nation's pressing issues. We need to put an end to partisan bickering and start thinking about America's energy future. We need a new approach to reach a consensus on a national energy plan. That's why I'm running for the U.S. Senate. America's energy future and Alaska jobs hang in the balance," said U.S. Senate Candidate Tony Knowles. 



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