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Baseball: Give the kids your support
by Neil Gray


April 30, 2004

Ken Lewis has a good idea. Get out and enjoy some great high school baseball!

Adults are always saying "let's find ways to get our kids involved" in activities and supply them with positive things to do. Athletics is only one way to do it. But a lot of times the support for those activities lacks. In San Diego you don't see any kind of crowds at high school sports events outside of football. Granted there are the Padres, San Diego State, UCSD, University of San Diego, several community colleges, and who knows how many high schools where sports fans can go. But in Ketchikan.... need I say more.

In umpiring Little League and High School baseball here in San Diego, baseball crowds were very sparse. But in Ketchikan where "things to do" are limited, why not head to Norman Walker Field and watch some good baseball. Believe me, those kids are on a level overall where they could compete very well with the talents from even San Diego. That's been proven in San Bernadino at the Little League Western Regionals. Give the kids your support. Believe me, they'll notice.

Neil Gray

Lakeside, CA - USA



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