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by Penny Eubanks


April 28, 2004

Gigi Pilcher beat me to the punch! I also have to give kudos to Carl Thompson for his photo of the wolf at 17 mile north. What an AWESOME picture & photo opportunity for Carl. I missed my opportunity this past weekend to shoot a picture of a wolf as well - this one a gray approximately 70# wolf on the opposite end of the island. The wolf loped across the road in front of our vehicle... Although beautiful to see in its natural habitat, a little disconcerting as well that Carl & I should both see wolves over the weekend. Normally, one would not see a wolf, let alone have one pose so regally for a picture. This past winter a number of family pets were attacked/killed/injured by wolves practically right under the nose of their owners!

A healthy wolf population can decimate an island of deer. Although it pains me to think such a beautiful animal as a wolf would need to be controlled by trapping/hunting and that it is not an animal whose meat is for consumption, and whose pelt is nothing more than decoration on someone's wall, or to be used as a fur coat for someone attempting a glamorous look, I realize that controlling the wolf population is vital to our community and state. This is a concept that is not understood by those living on the "outside" looking "in" and often times attempts are made by picketers such as the recent one in New York, to encourage travelers to boycott Alaska travel because of wolf control issues. Let those who sit in judgment of our wolf population control bring their beloved pet to Alaska to be dinner for a greedy wolf looking for an easy meal! With their (wolves) current boldness perhaps the toddler playing in the backyard with the family Labrador retriever will be next on the wolves diet menu!

As I said before, seeing a wolf in the wild is a beautiful thing and also disconcerting... I don't have to like the fact that we need wolf control, but I do have to respect that it is unfortunately necessary.

Penny Eubanks
WArd Cove, AK - USA


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