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Gravina Bridge
by Neil Gray


April 19, 2004

The article about the proposed Gravina bridge also appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune. I cut it out and read it over several times for a few days before I finally threw it out. Some of it miffed me a little because I assumed the writer was of East Coast origin, and like most of them back there , have no intelligent knowledge of Alaska or Ketchikan. Point is, how long has this bridge question been going on? - 20 years? Every year the cost gets higher, the discussions keep going, and there's never any resolve. I'm sure Don Young's intentions are good. I've known Don since the days he first ran for Congress against the late Nick Begich. But, isn't it time to maybe just drop the idea of the bridge? Think of the pristine aesthetics of the Tongass Narrows that will be lost by the high spans of a bridge. Time marches on, but to save the "personality" of Ketchikan, why not just leave things as they are? When I lived there I was very much in favor of a bridge, yet, something inside of me kept insisting I was wrong. Now, I'm not so sure it's a good idea. I'm sure there are other areas that money could be used.

On the lighter side (I couldn't let this go...!), why not use some of that money to set up a dating service for those young ladies and gentleman who find it difficult to find a "respectable" mate in Ketchikan? And yes, congratulations Charles and Patti Ann.

Neil Gray
Lakeside, OR - USA



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