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Naive Hope
by Karen Ramsey


April 19, 2004

I feel the need to publicly chastise myself for my naive hope expressed in my last letter. I now think, after driving into town this morning on North Tongass Highway, that there is no hope for turning things around positively with regard to littering here. The few miles around Wolff Point and Ward Cove where the Ketchikan Youth Court, Cub Scouts, and Society of American Foresters have recently cleaned are already spoiled by new litter. It is very apparent to me that beverage containers of all sorts are hurled out of moving vehicles, not to mention other assorted odds and ends. It almost seems as though some vindictive types can't stand to see a clean highway. Either that or there are just some really clueless people out there who do not think twice about getting rid of their garbage any old way they feel like it.

Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA



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