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RE: Extinct Gentlemen
by Lynden Cothary


April 16, 2004

Are single gentlewomen extinct? Being gentlemanly doesn't mean treatment in kind. Much of what I've experienced in the local venue has not been exactly positive. But that is not neccessarily that there are not plenty of good women around, it's just the opportunities for getting to know people even in a smaller city like this can be limited by factors such as workplace, interests, AND the ability to strike up a conversation.

If you want to go to the bars, go with a friend and have fun, not to meet people. Look inside yourself and see what message you may be putting out that may keep people from wanting to talk to you. Or just don't worry about it, that works for me in my curmudgeonly way.

Lynden Cothary
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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