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PFD Privacy Protection
by Senator Gretchen Guess


April 14, 2004

Public information is both helpful and harmful. With the right resources, one can find the name, address, and phone number of a person within seconds. In that regard, public information is helpful and convenient, but must also be balanced with the right to privacy. The government should lead the effort to ensure people at least have the choice to keep information private.

Currently, the name and address on a Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application is public record. To offer a choice to Alaskans to keep their PFD information private, I have introduced legislation (SB 284) to give PFD applicants an option to check a box to keep their name and address private. The only exception to this privacy would be in cases where local, state, and federal government agencies need the information (e.g., child support).

Although this bill reflects an approach for all Alaskans, it is especially critical for the safety of some Alaskans. For example, domestic violence victims often need to keep their whereabouts private to ensure their safety. Many of our public safety officers keep their address private, too, for the safety of their families.

The State of Alaska has a proud history of respecting the right to privacy. This legislation supports those rights by ensuring every Alaskan, whether for safety or personal reasons, do not have to choose between applying for a PFD and keeping their privacy.

As always, I appreciate having feedback on my proposed legislation. Please feel free to call (800) 550-2435 or email



Note: Senator Gretchen Guess (D) is a member of the Alaska Legislature representing District J, Anchorage.


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