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Robotic Soldiers
by Kevin McMahon


April 13, 2004

Our country is capable of turning out "Robotic Soldiers" in any quantity needed. It is my opinion that our focus need be directed to the manufacture and distribution of "Robotic Soldiers" around the world. These "Smart Soldiers"/"Robotic Soldiers" will take on many dangerous assignments which must be carried out in Iraq and elsewhere were it is the United States intention to rebuild and establish a presence of structure to ensure that our military/democratic objectives are completed, thus, accomplished with a minimum of causalities.

In the 1940's our military was capable of many challenges, including building Liberty ships at a rate of about one ship per day. We were capable of producing and delivering the atomic bomb and through the tragedy of war became a more secure and great nation from a time when many new technological advances were made, mainly out of the necessities of war.

There is absolutely no reason why we cannot build "robotic soldiers" to advance our positions and ensure that our objectives will be met by the overwhelming support of the American public for this idea which will be realized by all of our overseas allies.

This new objective will lead us in the direction of the modern day 21st century of "Interconnecting the head/brain/mind" with a special semi-type chip technology that is interactive with the human brain.

Kevin McMahon

Stoomzee Studios
Northport, Long Island, NY - USA



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