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Litter Warriors
by Patti Mackey


April 10, 2004

On behalf of Ketchikan's Rotary 2000 club, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Ketchikan Youth Court volunteers who are responsible for the litter clean up that took place along North Tongass Highway on March 27. Participants went to work cleaning the area near Shoreline Drive and continued down the highway through our club's adopted mile that runs from Wolf Point to the intersection near Lewis Motors.

Rotary club members typically clean the mile twice a year, which sadly isn't enough to keep the litter in that area under control. Club members who travel the stretch of highway were pleasantly surprised to see the effort put forth by Ketchikan Youth Court, and yes we made a donation to their organization in appreciation of their service to the community.

Reading this column reminded me of the litter ad that made the biggest impression on me as a kid- a man in Native American dress standing along a roadway, trash thrown at his feet, with a tear streaming down his face. I enjoy seeing updates on who in our community are helping fight the litter problem. Thanks to the Boy Scouts, Foresters, Ketchikan Youth Court and other litter warriors for your involvement.

Patti Mackey, President
Rotary 2000
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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