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Veto the Bridge Project
by Don Hoff Jr.


April 09, 2004

Representative Don Young (R) is going to vote to override President George W. Bush veto if the Transportation funding legislation. President George W. Bush will veto the Transportation Equity Act Bill if it is over $256 billion. I am not a republican, but going against your own party is not a good idea. Rep. Don Young says the Transportation Equity Act Bill contains $125 million for a Ketchikan Boondoggle Bridge to Gravina Island via Pennock Island.

Why are you spending my tax dollars for a few opulent people can drive to the airport. The bridge will not stop the downward spiral economy of Ketchikan. Whom is going to pay for the bridge to no-where after it is constructed? If you think your going to get a bridge that will cost over $230 million to build for free, you are sadly mistaken. Borough wide, you might be pushing 13,000 residents now. I will predict within 10 years from now the population will 8 or 9 thousand residents to pay for the bridge in the end. Another question, who really wants this bridge? Why? You have about 400 property owners on Gravina Island and Pennock Island total. Most of them could care less about a bridge. They move there to get away from urban environment and privacy. So, you have a handful of exploiters that want this bridge built that is just stupid. Ketchikan may want to re-think consolidation issue also. Most of you folks will be paying for a bridge you can not use.

We have a war in Iraq to pay for. Pork-barrel spending? Sure is Rep. Don Young.

I am Indigenous to Ketchikan and surrounding area, including Metlakatla. My Great Grandfather is George Williams (Taan ta Kwaan-Tlingit). Metlakatla was a Tlingit village before the first Tsimsheans arrived. My Grandfather (Ya Ya) is Herman Ridley (Tsimpshean-Killer Whale House). My Grandmother is Martha Williams (Taan ta kwaan-Tlingit). My Indian name was given to me by Albert Davis, Chief of the Coho (Raven) Clan in Sitka, Alaska. Albert gave me his name that he was born with Aan Kadax Tseen at Marge Katzeek Potlatch in Haines, Alaska some years ago. I am from the Gaanaxidi Clan, Yei l Hit (Raven House) Taan ta Kwaan (Tongass Tribe). I know my history and who I am, consider myself a traditionalist.

The proposed Bridge to Pennock Island. Pennock Island is a Tribal burial
grounds. Tlingits, Haidas, Tsimsheans and poor non-natives (white people) were also buried on Pennock Island. Desecrating Indian graves and knowing that they are there is what I can not understand. Bull dozers, belly dumps and track hoes plowing up my and your ancestors for a bridge? Is this something you support, Rep. Don Young?

In closing, I don't really care if you build your bridge to Gravina Island but not via Pennock Island. This is my own opinion.

Don Hoff Jr.
Gaanax i di Clan
Yei l hit
Taan ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA



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KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Friday - April 09, 2004


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