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Canoe celebration
by Gigi Pilcher


April 08, 2004

I really enjoyed the KRBD sound portrait with photos of the celebration of the arrival of the 40-foot canoe over in Hydaburg. The photos, by Ann Marie Marble, were excellent!

Thank you to Sitnews for pointing me to this KRBD news story with a link and thank you to Sitnews for their volunteer efforts in helping KRBD to keep their web site updated!

Gigi Pilcher
Ketchikan, AK - USA




Listen to this story & view the photo gallery... On Sunday, Hydaburg celebrated the arrival of a 40-foot canoe. It was carved by students at Alternative School Number One, a Seattle public school for kids in Kindergarten through eighth grade. The project was guided by Robert Peele, or Saaduuts as he prefers to be called. Saaduuts grew up in Hydaburg, but now lives in the Seattle area. Along with school staff and students, Saaduuts took the canoe on a quick voyage from one end of Hydaburg to the other. Well over a hundred people came out to watch and participate in the event. Jay Marble was also there. He put together this sound portrait.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio




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