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Is it true about Revilla High School?
by Brandi Conway


April 08, 2004

I have heard rumors that Revilla High School might be shut down, does anyone know if this is true? I am also wondering what the reasons are for shutting down Revilla.

I am a Revilla High School graduate and proud of it, because if it wasn't for Revilla I would never have finished high school. I wasn't a bad kid or student, I just couldn't take the atmosphere of K-High.

When I entered Revilla I was behind and had to make up two credits. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. However I not only made up those two credits but finished high school three months ahead of time.

Revilla is an EXCELLENT school. You are allowed to work at a pace you are comfortable with. However don't think because we worked independently that we slacked or goofed off. The principal wouldn't hear of it and neither would the teachers. They kept on you to perform at your best, you had to pass all of your tests with a 100%, and regular work or homework assignments had to be 80% or better.

I can go on and on with this subject, but I won't. I will say this though, you will be making a big mistake. Revilla has proved over and over again to be a great school so why take it away from the kids who want it or need it? There is a famous saying if it isn't broken then don't try and fix it.

Okay I will stop here and hope that others feel the same way. If so let us know how you feel about the situation? Thanks.


Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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