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HB-547 is bad legislation
by Jim Van Horn


April 06, 2004

To: Sitnews

I am writing to voice my opposition to HB-547 proposed by Representative Paul Seaton, (R) Homer. This legislation proposes to withhold the Permanent Fund Dividend from residents of Alaska living outside  the state because of school or military service and then they will not be able to apply for it until living back in the state for one year. This applies to students and persons serving in the military.

In my opinion, HB-547 is bad legislation in that it creates a group of second-class citizens. Why should residents be denied their PFD because they are attending school or serving their country outside of Alaska?

Presently, close to 100 Reservists and National Guard men and women here in Alaska have been activated or are awaiting activation to continue our nation's war on terrorism. These are our policemen, firemen, business owners and even some of our homemakers who have volunteered to serve. Is this way for the State of Alaska to say, "Thanks for Serving?"

HB-547 should not be passed for three reasons:

1. Will create a higher level of bureaucracy within the Permanent Fund agency to keep track of those residents going to school or serving in the military outside.

2. Create a situation that is ripe for a "Zobel" type lawsuit.

3. Ignores Section 1.1 of the State Constitution that states: "All citizens are equal"

For God and Country

Jim Van Horn
The American Legion Department of Alaska

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