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Don't give up...
by Thomas D. Ferry


April 02, 2004

The only way to catch these trash spewing inbred hillbilly's is to go high tech, there are several commonly used dump sites to monitor. The enforcement officer has to take a C.I.A approach, get some motion activated digital game cameras, or video cameras. I am sure advanced communications could come up with something. There are some remote cabins that got broken into around here but the culprits were caught by hidden cameras. They were shocked when they walked into the troopers office and saw themselves scurrying down to their pirate skow with a stolen outboard in their scurvey clutches. Has anyone seen the carnage by the Ketchikan Lake road gate? Talk about hicks and hillbilly's, there is a smashed up abandoned school bus up there ! My hat is off to all who picked up trash on the roadside, it looks great ! I do my best to pick up trash when I can. Seems every other day I am picking up beer cans, smashed beer bottles, and other assorted trash right in front of my house. It is a constant battle between clean people and the moronic trash throwers, don't give up!

Thomas D. Ferry
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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