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By David G Hanger


March 07, 2022
Monday PM

Tucker Snarlson is either a very stupid person or he thinks his audience is a collection of knuckleheads. Maybe he just likes calling the kettle black.

A left-winger cannot possibly be a fascist for the simple reason that fascism is an extreme right wing political philiosophy, and as a charter member of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism Tucker Snarlson is in fact a deep-fried fascist propagandist who as recently as yesterday expressed his love and devotion for Vladolf Putrid.

From left to right then, since we read in that direction, we have ‘communism,’ ‘socialism,’ ‘liberalism,’ ‘progressivism,’ ‘classic liberalism,’ ‘conservatism,’ and ‘fascism.’ And as with the Christian religion there are numerous sects and sub-sects of all of these –isms. Nazi-ism is the Hitlerian German version of fascism, and it is safe to say if you call someone a fascist, you are in fact calling them a nazi.

So if you want to insult a so-called leftie you call them a Commie, a Pinko, or a Socialist. The extreme right wing is where Nazis live, and it is no surprise that Tucker Snarlson is employed by an Australian Nazi named Rupert Murdoch. If you want to claim the label, you must also wear it. Tucker Snarlson is a fascist.

This whole concept of left and right is pretty stupid. It originates in the early stages of the French Revolution when Louis XVI finally acquiesced to the seating of a legislature. The royalists all sat to the right of the podium while the commoners and the revolutionaries of multiple persuasions sat to the left of the podium.

I think politics are circular. Go too far to the so-called left or right you end up in the same place, a dictator lording it over everyone, telling people what to do and how to think, and killing them indiscriminately as it suits him or her.

During the American Civil War extremists of either variety were referred to as ‘ultras,’ and that is a term that should be dusted off and used to address current circumstances and conditions. Extremists are never rational actors.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska




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Received March 07, 2022 - Published March 07, 2022

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