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By the People, for the People

By Terri Robbins


March 18, 2018
Sunday PM

We have a system of government characterized by the principles of “By the People, For the People.” These were revolutionary ideas in the 1700s. Citizens, for the first time, had the freedom to affect the big decisions that directly impacted their lives. Our founders realized that with that freedom must necessarily come responsibility-the responsibility to vote, to serve, and to contribute to the well-being of our nation. Ours was to be a “government by the people.”

Our country has grown, both in population and in diversity. Our government, too, has grown to address the complex and serious challenges facing and motivating our citizens. Our state governments and the federal government must, of necessity, share certain aspects of governance, including the ultimate responsibility-the well-being of our citizens, thereby honoring the ideal of a “government for the people.“

The voices of some alarmed by government deficits shout the refrain, “cut, cut, cut!“ But, but, but, many of those same voices sink to mutters of discontent and complaint when a needed service is unavailable. Cries for reducing government spending ring out, without indications as to where exactly those reductions should fall or with suggestions that reflect a “not in my backyard” mentality. The needs of distant neighbors are judged less valid because they are not universal.

In Alaska, we all benefit from government services. Some of the things provided are unique, due to the nature of our demographics, geography, and climate. It is true that the level of services are sometimes disproportionate to the population of an area or region. One must remember, however, that fair does not mean everyone gets the same. Fair means everyone gets what they need.
How do we agree upon what exactly is needed? How do we provide the revenue required? Economic stability fluctuates with revenues. The cost of basic infrastructure is not determined solely by population. Expenses are affected by environment, remote locations, access to employment, available workforce, access to technology, and 100 other variables. Costs have risen. Outdated technology restricts progress. Access to already limited resources has become more costly. Our state now operates and provides essential services without adequate revenue. Our once healthy and abundant funding sources have weakened or disappeared. We are in dire financial straits. We cannot continue to accrue deficit. The time has come, again, for Alaskans and people who make a living in Alaska, to contribute financially to the State.

People speak of government as if it is separate from themselves-a Godzilla monster run rampant and beyond individual influence or responsibility. This is a delusion, fed by periods of passive and unquestioning acceptance of benefits and privileges. For years, Alaskans have enjoyed a government that paid for itself without levying taxes. And now we are unable to continue. It is time to accept that we ARE the government and we must sustain and support our own existence-not with extravagance but with a commitment to ensure that no person or community suffers from oppressive funding cuts.

No ones wants to pay taxes but we must accept financial responsibility for our own well-being. We must, like residents of every other state, pay some kind of tax. The only fair and reasonable, sustainable and responsible, solution is the institution of a broad-based progressive tax. It need not be an unbearable drain on our personal finances. It should not make life harder for those who struggle the most and it should not gratuitously favor those who are wealthy. But, it should, it must, support adequate, appropriate government services.We must remember and adhere to the founding principles of our nation...a government by the people and for the people.

Terri Robbins,
Ketchikan, AK

About: I am an Alaskan, born and bred, and a proud member of the Democratic Party.


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Received March 15, 2018 - Published March 18, 2018

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