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Volkswagen vs US emission charges

By Jim Dornblaser


March 05, 2016
Saturday PM

I find it strange, no make that ludicrous, that OUR EPA stands on % of emissions per volume while TOTALLY ignoring total emissions per mile.

Volkswagen has had one of the TOP economy records since the middle ‘50s with 50 MPG a reality for their compact diesels. ANY US made suv, whether diesel or not, is lucky to reach 1/2 that figure per mile. In the last 60 years, who has put out the most pollutants per mile driven?

On or about that 50s era, I was in high school & they taught me “matter can neither be created nor destroyed”. It remains today a scientific fact, a vehicle that gets 50 mpg puts out 1/2 the total emissions as does a 25 mpg vehicle.

The 50s era mentioned earlier, when we raised the hood of most any auto, you saw a MOTOR, but today all you see is a “plumbers nightmare”. Heaven only knows how much that maze of superfluous engineering costs per vehicle (but bet the family farm you the consumer pay dearly per copy).

I do not under-rate the need to reduce CO (carbon monoxide) & convert it to CO2 (carbon dioxide). BUT wait a minute, isn’t that one major “green house gas” we are trying to reduce? I thought so.

Enter the consumer safety division with their crash & dummy tests. They totally scare the masses away from the “economy vehicle”. The result of one bureaucracy fighting another for public recognition has resulted in just the opposite as we are led to believe our world needs. Rather than reducing total emissions or controlling CO2 output, they have managed to drive the majority of car owners to SUV or pickup class GAS GUZZLERS, the majority of which require 300 hp+ to transport the lady of the house to the mall & back.

I believe WE, the USA as a whole should drop all legal action against VW, reward them for being leaders in engineering “economy” transportation, & fire any EPA
employee that still believes more is better, for he is prolly in big oil’s pocket.

Thank you,

Jim Dornblaser
Thorne Bay, Alaska


Received March 05, 2016 - Published March 05, 2016


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