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By David G. Hanger


March 30, 2013
Saturday AM

The first adult step to civil war in this country has been taken by the most fascist state governor in the history of the United States, Rick Snyder of Michigan, a cretin who despises and is out to destroy representative democracy in this country.  It just isn’t efficient enough.

Who’d have thought that in this country all was necessary to fire all elected officials in a city or a state was to take that old saw used by “El Presidentes for life” all over this planet, to wit, to declare a “state of emergency” (that never ends), and merely by adding one word, “economic,” well, hell, it’s OK to do that here, too. 

Under the guise of and by declaring a “state of economic emergency” Herr Snyder has wiped out all of the elected officials and all of the elected positions they held in Flint, Pontiac, numerous lesser-known communities, and now Detroit itself; in the course of which almost two-thirds of the non-white population of Michigan has been deprived of all voting rights and all rights of representation. 

This is not a joke.  This has already happened.  There is no mayor in Detroit; no city council, no aldermen, no school boards, nothing!!!  All of these people, elected to their positions, have been effectively terminated, have no power whatsoever, and have all been replaced by one prick lawyer from Cleveland, Ohio.

You either believe in representative democracy, you either believe in America, or you don’t.  Representative democracy will never be efficient enough for fascist pigs like Rick Snyder.  There is only one appropriate response to anyone so willing to destroy representative democracy:  Down with fascism and down with fascists, whatever it takes.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 28, 2013 - Published March 30, 2013





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