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School Funding
By Amanda Mitchell


March 30, 2013
Saturday AM

A ‘budget’ is a wish list without factual numbers. Plus, giving money to an administration for a general fund does not guarantee that a class which needs the funds will get it later. However, raising taxes and taking funds away from the citizens and businesses guarantees a decrease in quality of life in a community. This affects everyone including the students if not directly then indirectly. I am sure that many students don’t want to go to school so that they may one day have someone taking their earnings for ‘predictions’ and ‘wish lists.’

Any way you look at it, 13k or 20k is a tremendous amount of money. If you gave that money directly to the teacher it may make a difference. Nevertheless, it is a fact that school funding does not equal a good quality education. Look into the New Jersey school system as an example of this in the US or compare other nations to ours with spending and quality of education. I would also recommend watching the documentary The Cartel. This film is available for purchase or on Netflix.

Thank you for reading and spending responsibly.

Amanda Mitchell
Ketchikan, AK


Stopping School Corruption: A Manual for Taxpayers

Received March 28, 2013 - Published March 30, 2013




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