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Open Letter: Federal government ammo hording
By A.M. Johnson


March 27, 2013
Wednesday PM


The following response is made to Representative Don Young to a response he made to me requiring the vastly large ammo purchases by various Federal agencies. As reported by various news outlets, the amounts of weapons and ammunition purchased by our leading Federal agencies other than military, have been viewed as exceeding normal requirements. In one report several Iraq wars ammo consumption would be required to consume the amounts purchased and on order in 2012-13 alone. This is a disconcerting development heightened by the decreasing trust of our Federal Government and its actions promoted by the current administration. To that degree, I submitted a letter of this concern to Representative Don Young. Excerpts from his response begged for the return response to his attention.

Thank You,

Ketchikan, AK

Representative Young,

Regarding your letter of March 27th. Amazing that one day after your visit to Ketchikan, to dedicate the ship yard (Must have missed your personal call to me.) you are able to respond to my inquiry of several day past.

Given the opportunity to review the breakdown given I might have a different view. However in a quick review of your response the following questions are asked and response requested.

Can you provide the last ammo orders from these respective agencies? If these are for five years out, then what and when was the past similar order given? I am anxious to learn as are other constituents who will be Bcc'd with this response to your letter.I submit two paragraphs from your letter that require additional input from your sources.

"Yet the most fearful rumor is directed toward the DHS's recent contract for a maximum of 450 million rounds of .40 jacketed hollow-points to be supplied over the next five years. Let me first say that hollow-point ammunition is the defensive ammunition of choice for Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies across the country as well as most United States citizens. In addition, employees of those agencies required to carry firearms train and qualify using their duty ammunition." Rep.Don Young

Representative Young, with the cost of hollow points far more expensive than common ball rounds, why is DHS training with hollow points? The difference in the two is the impact and bodily damage, not the projectile from barrel to point of impact, it is the after effect. Your point is open to challenge at the very least,the cost difference.

"The Social Security Administration, for example, has 295 special agents who combat security fraud that results in the annual loss of billions of taxpayer dollars. They recently submitted an order for 174,000 rounds of pistol ammunition, amounting to approximately 590 rounds per agent. Not only is this ammunition used for active duty and training purposes, but is also necessary for mandatory quarterly shooting qualification. I can assure you that this is a very reasonable number of rounds per officer." Rep Don Young

Representative Young, would you provide more detail as to the number of actual fire arms use by IRS agents last year in the act of enforcing or defense of enforcing IRS warrants? As well for the past four years prior to last year? Surely there would be accounting of shootings in the MSM where IRS agents are involved. I have read of none. As with the first paragraph, please provide the purchase record of the IRS for the last bulk purchase period. or the annual purchases made by the IRS. Again, if hollow point is the ammo of choice for training, I would object for the same reason given above.

With respect to a timely response, please note a trace system based on 10 days established on this inquiry.

With respect for the office,

A.M. (Al) Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

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About:"Just an old Five and Dime'er glad to have an old Cap and Ball .44 Navy revolver."

Received March 27, 2013 - Published March 27, 2013




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