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By Bob Pickrell


March 25, 2013
Monday PM


This is a notice to my family, friends, and the rest of the world.  This year I will celebrate my “Createmonth” in December.  My September birth days are gone forever!

Birth day is no big deal.  I was fearfully and wonderfully made nine months before!  At conception!  Uniquely different from the other billions of people in the world .  The womb was my protected place to live as guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  My quest for liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also promised by those awesome founders of our nation, would begin after birth.

My heart, my brain, my limbs, my everything was created at conception. God says, “I know the numbers of hairs on your head.”  I was me. I was alive!   Mom provides my every need: food, warmth, love.

UNLESS, another scenario: a needle pierces my healthy heart.  Or thirteen inch long forceps poke blindly in the dark  around me until a leg is violently ripped from my body, another leg, then an arm, another arm.  Finally forceps crunch my head until my brain becomes a squishy mess and..........!  Or I am 9 months old, part of my body is leaving the womb, when a drill is driven forcebly into my brain!

Those who like to “choose” are celebrating death this month.  The 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade.   Forty years ago a supremely ignorant court aborted an unconstitutional interpretation of the law which has allowed, indeed encouraged, the death of 56 million innocent American people.  Happy Anniversary!

Bob Pickrell
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 25, 2013 - Published March 25, 2013





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