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Mind Control
By Norbert Chaudhary


March 21, 2013
Thursday PM

As a concerned American, I am shocked that my constitutional right to own many firearms is now in jeopardy. It seems the liberal media and Obama have scared people into thinking that guns are a problem. And now they want to change things. Can you believe that? Just who does this Obama think he is?

Well I'm not going to stand quietly by and let this happen. We need to draw a line in the sand and take a stand to protect our rights. If they can change gun laws, they can change any law!

I understand they are talking about mandatory background checks for everyone! What is that all about? And they want to restrict some of our mentally ill fellow American patriots from owning guns. I simply can't believe this! It's Crazy!

Fox News (fair and balanced) says that Obama wants to provide Iraq and Afghanistan with more high tech weaponry as he withdraws US troops - BUT at the same time he wants to take military assault rifles and armor piercing bullets away from law abiding, emotionally impaired and slightly insane American citizens! WTF? Just how far will he go? And why did he invade those countries in the first place anyway??

Disarming disturbed citizens may be how they do things in France, Antarctica and other Third World Nations Mr. Obama, but that s not how we do things in America! If you were born here you would know it!

Amazingly, Obama is even opposed to students carrying concealed weapons on school campuses! And he wants to limit a gun to fifteen rounds of ammunition! But students on these liberal breeding ground campuses have the right to carry books and are not limited at all to the number of books they are allowed to carry! Is this fair? Is this balanced? I think not!

Limiting a gun to fifteen rounds of ammo is obvious discrimination against vision-impaired hunters and the just plain bad shots who need at least 50 rounds or more to hit something. After all, no one told Daniel Boone how many bullets he could shoot now did they? Without high capacity magazines the West wouldn t have been won and the buffaloes all slaughtered. Why if Davy Crockett had lost to the British at the Alamo, all of Texas would be speaking English right now! Unimaginable!

We require - and our children desire, the ability to shoot lots and lots of bullets fast really, really fast. This is what makes us Americans! If Mr. Obama's children played violent shoot-them-up video games or watched the latest Hollywood "action" movies like every other red blooded American kid, he might have a clue. But sadly he doesn't.

I, for one, am deeply disturbed with the direction this country is headed. These Democrats, Liberals and Tree Huggers are trying to change our entire American culture! First we have Obama Care ensuring that all Americans have health coverage and then he eliminated the tax breaks for the richest 2%... Now he wants to change the gun laws! And clean up the environment! What's next? World Peace?? How can we stop this madness?

What's wrong with leaving things just the way they are? After all, our Founding Fathers created a perfect nation. Who are we to make changes as we see fit? The Government should stay out of the lives of the American people!

Damn Liberals have screwed things up every time they have been given the chance! Abolishing slavery, giving women the right to vote, banning discrimination and segregation, creating a minimum wage, social security and 40 hour work week, enacting child labor laws and mandatory childhood education, enforcing air and water pollution regulations, and now health care and gun laws! Where will it end?

Beware "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy" is hard at work trying to destroy this Great Country. I've seen the Black Helicopters and they are even using drones now. There is no doubt the United Nations is taking over this country with the help of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim friends!

True American Patriots oppose change and embrace the National Rifle Association and their uncompromising position on Gun Control.

Are you with us? - Or are you against America?

Norbert Chaudhary
Saltyseadude [at]
Ketchikan, AK

About:"Happy Ketchikan resident "

Received March 20, 2013 - Published March 21, 2013



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