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RE: End Abortions, Get A Vasectomy
By Marie Zellmer


March 21, 2013
Thursday PM

I have tried to stay out of this conversation for the longest time, but I would like to add something that has been on my mind and has become disturbing for me. Mr. Holston has forgotten something very important... he is not a woman. If I said that all men should have vasectomies to prevent getting women pregnant because of the "inconvenience" of paying for child care, or the "inconvenience" of having too much testosterone, I doubt that he would like the word as much.

Pregnancy is not an inconvenience it as a very personal, emotional, and physical experience for women. Yes many people will do everything they can to protect and care for their children that they have, even if that child has issues before birth, and afterwards. I would do anything to protect my nieces and nephews! That does not mean that a woman who chooses to abort her pregnancy is being inconvenienced by it, her choice is her own.

I myself am neither embarrassed nor shy about saying that I have had two procedures (in first trimester) due to serious health complications... very serious ones. It was not an inconvenience, I love children, I have worked with them most of my life! But I cannot carry a child. Without an abortion... I can't even say how painful and life damaging a full term pregnancy would have been... If the baby even survived.

So do I think pregnancy is an inconvenience? No. I also don't think that anyone should get one unless they are 100% sure. Children are a blessing, and every time I see one of my friends have one I am amazed and I feel that they have been blessed. So I would like Mr. Holston to keep his opinions to himself, or I might just go stand next to him on the street corner with a sign that says "End all need for Abortions... Get a Vasectomy today!"

Marie Zellmer
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Historian, Artist, Ketchikanite. WOMAN."

Received March 19, 2013 - Published March 21, 2013




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