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Ketchikan's Own Sequestration!
By Gene Peterson


March 13, 2013

We have all been subjected to the media's, and bureaucrat's lamentations on the chaos that a cut in the increase in federal spending is causing. The administration threatens cuts in Airport security, in Air Traffic control, and refusal to send a warship to the middle east. (Notice no threat concerning cutting the useless spending such as our bloated local Forest Service behemoth.) How can the country survive unless the federal government gets more money? So what if we are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar spent.

We have our own sequestration right here in Ketchikan. The Borough Assembly is thinking of cutting $600,000 from the School District budget. And we are hearing the bizarre lamentations from all the vested interests threats by the Superintendent that it will cause more dropouts, and on and on.

Even with the proposed cut Ketchikan will spend over $20,000 per student. That is obscene.

Bloat is Bloat whether in the federal government, school district, or municipal government.

The one sure thing you get when you increase school funding, you get more expensive education, but not better education. With all the huge increases in spending, we are still getting second rate education.

It was quite revealing last year when the Superintendent bragged that 2 to 3% of our graduates were in the top 5% nationally. He needs an education in statistics.

Gene Peterson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Just an average joe hoping for a better life for myself and my community."

Received March 12, 2013 - Published March 13, 2013





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