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H.R.25: The Fair Tax Act
By Roy T Newsom


March 06, 2013
Wednesday PM

The US House Ways and Means Committee has had H.R.25 The Fair Tax Act shelved for several years.  Your Representative needs to hear from the voters that passing this bill is the only real solution to the problems of our economy.  Every worker will receive their full paycheck with no payroll deductions for medicare, social security or income tax.  Businesses will not have to pay income taxes and can use that money to create more jobs.

The economy is expected to grow by 10.5% the first year the Fair Tax is in effect.  Exports will grow by 26% the first year.  How is that for a stimulus of the economy?

 Each reader of this should tell his/her Representative to pass H.R.25 The Fair Tax Act.

Roy T Newsom
royboy5 [at]
Granbury, TX  


Received February 27, 2013 - Published March 06, 2013




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