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SEPA's Swan Lake swan song?
By A.M. Johnson


March 06, 2013
Wednesday PM

Editor- Sitnews.

Thank you for recently posting a link to this article. "AP&T analysis suggests SEAPA buyout option" Wrangell Sentinel 2-21-13. Rest assured, during the recent posting by myself on the subject of the potential of connecting the SEAPA grid to the B.C.Hydro transmission line some 50 miles from the Tyee powerhouse, there was never an effort or desire to bring into the discussion the demise of SEAPA. However, given the presentation by Mr. Grimm of AP&T allowing for the expansion of generation services in a greater area of service, one has to opine that a renewed viewing of the potential value of including the option of the B.C connection for the purpose of importing low cost and consistent power sourcing as the development of the grid system Mr. Grimm visualizes come to fruition where excess power has a avenue for exporting to the lower 48 states.

All the communities in the power generation business would then have the option of selling excess generation during low demand periods.

Instead we listen to the drum beat of fuel consuming diesel.

An urgent concern building is the ability of KPU to "spread the cost of diesel usage cost over a period of time."

If the last bill of some $1,500.000.00 is to be spread over 6 months, then how far out can you spread continued diesel use cost be spread for each session they are fired up?This is not a adversarial question, more it is a reflection of the utilities and SEAPA being caught by the overall increase of consumption counting on current production ability to meet the historical gentle increases.

With the obviously lack of a heavy snow pack, God willing, which may yet come in March, all of SEAPA's operating area will be utilizing their individual diesel units when the lake levels are depleted. Not a happy anticipation.

A summer of expensive diesel consumption will surely have Mr. Grimm's thoughts and conclusions magnified with elected bodies exposure to public inquiry. The obvious access and connection to B.C.Hydro is a valid consideration.


A.M. (Al) Johnson
Ketchikan, AK


AP&T analysis suggests SEAPA buyout option By Greg Knight, Wrangell Sentinel - An analysis of the financial status of the Southeast Alaska Power Agency by Alaska Power & Telephone is estimating what the member utilities it serves are valued at – and makes a conclusion that the member municipalities of Wrangell, Petersburg and Ketchikan should take over ownership of the Tyee Lake and Swan Lake power plants. - Read this Wrangell Sentinel article...

Received March 01, 2013 - Published March 06, 2013




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