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Nicholas’ Law
By Nyna Fleury, Bessie Singleterry, Tim Booth, Loni Iingley-Mills, Chief Ely


March 27, 2012

We are looking for support in putting together a law that we can pass called Nicholas’ Law, where it would be against the law to be intoxicated while taking care of a underage child. Before we can take it to the legislators we need documentation from concerned parties. Police Officers, Social Services workers, Teachers, Daycare works, Parents (anyone) who can see a need in this law.

This is why I feel there is a need.

I happen to come up on Police Officers who had just been to a home where the father was intoxicated and he had his (2) Two-year-old son there with him and no one else. I asked why aren’t you taking the child away from him? He said; I can’t, there is NO Law against what his’ doing? He said; I’ll call OCS but all they can do is just what I just did and that’s making sure the child is ok. I said; what? You mean that you’re just leaving him there?

So I called OCS and asked what can you do to help this child? I was told the same thing the officer told me. “Nothing”

I went to see our Chief of Police here in Craig Alaska; Chief Ely, I asked him, what could I do to help? He said; make it a law where, if we are called to a situation like this again that we are able to give that person a Breathalyzer test and if he/she is over the limit of a .08 just like a DUI; then I can arrest him and place the child in good hands.

What I need

Supporters who will send us a letter or email, about why they are supporting this law

  1. Name
  2. Any and all comments; that will help making this a law.
  3. Ideas of what the first, second and third offence should be
  4. (If) you have any experience with something like this please send your story to us.

Respectfully yours,

Nyna Fleury
Bessie Singleterry
Tim Booth
Loni lingley-Mills
Chief Ely – Craig Police Dept
Craig, AK


Received March 16, 2012 - Published March 27, 2012



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