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Ketchikan's Drug Menace
By Joey Garcia


March 07, 2012
Wednesday AM

It is lamentable to note in publications how the Ketchikan Filipinos fare from within and from without that gives the brown race a sour note in the social standing of the city's community.

I am a Filipino and having been raised in the ethnicity as being one that has gathered laurels or otherwise is surely a sad story with a big question mark as to WHY? I do not condone the saying to Live and Let Die, but Ketchikan is a small city that one mistake might trigger in opening the Pandora's box, or a tip of the iceberg metaphor, so to say, and a total misunderstanding if this race of people do have the knick in making a mockery to the entire Filipino people here in Alaska.

Is the theory of having to note in the deep and silent jungles of the city, lurks a Filipino, like a hungry bear with cubs in tow ready to scour the hillsides for a smell of smoked salmon or grilled meat after a deep slumber in wintertime? Or the usual oversight of law enforcers who cannot see the daily strums of USPS mail carriers, the brown cladded UPS, and the while shirted FedEx courier in not really digging how their packages or mails passes strict SOP like the airport TSA's keen smell of prohibited drugs, and an eye for outgoing luggages or the tingling of metals when passing an enclosed metal detector? Something must be done otherwise to prune more inspections on incoming rather than outgoing people, either at the airports, at the ferry landings, or courier services to the limits in order for the Ketchikanians to rid of an unsightly scope of sex, drugs and rock n' roll type of living?

Or, do we need the TSA to scan knapsacks and other handcarry luggages on arrival areas? And also for incoming ferry from Bellingham?

Or the last resort is to make mandatory for all employees, rank and file, from fish processing companies to undergo a drug test? As far as I gathered from employees, the fillet section handles sharp knives and I am not condoning any happening if one gets stoned with drugs, then something may happen.

Does our drug and narcotic police department have enough officers to check, recheck these Filipinos who have made the headlines by elicit push and use of prohibitive drugs and to really make their sting operations in condo units as well as existing nightspots in our City? Then, we might not bother ourselves with checking our children, or least, waking up the bail bondsmen in the middle of the night.

For me, I feel a shame for the rest of the Filipino people, the country where we have been proud of, a country where history have been carved with pride, a country under God!!!

Or shall we say - LET FREEDOM RING

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received March 03, 2012 - Published March 07, 2012

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