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Re: Conservation of Electrical Resources
By Alan R. McGillvray


March 07, 2012
Wednesday AM

Why is no one addressing the 'elephant in the room'' Which would be wind-generated electricity. As I have written, right here in Sitnews, is that we have a lot more ridges than lakes in southeast. We could be using them for generating electric power.

I agree, that conservation is one answer and adjusted power rates are another consideration, that being said, those are not the total solution. The total solution involves electric power not the use of one resource or another to where there is nothing left but lakes for hydropower and that's it. The use of all resources, Hydro, Wind, & Tidal, power generation, there are systems in use today to generate electricity, efficiently, which without the use of some subsidy, would perhaps be beyond a useful resource.

I will say this, give me some money and I will get you electric power, with a system that can be painted green to look like trees, in about a year's time, much less, than 10 years for a new hydro project. Which you can get started on, perhaps have the time to make it a real-efficient project instead of a hurry up and get 'er done sort of effort.

If you don't think I can do this, or your resources (read pockets) are deeper, please Google Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and check them out, now the kilowatts are small but with the natural economies of scale, I would say, scale them to need. With a whole bunch of rock ridges around here, I'd need a fuel powered compressor a track drill unit, the hose between and a bunch of drill bits and steel, a helicopter to move it to the spots picked. The next time you'd see me is when it's done.

Yours, in electricity to burn,

Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long time Ketchikan and an Alaskan since 1946."

Received March 04, 2012 - Published March 07, 2012

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