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Nurses face over-load of patients and complaints
By Rida Wazni


March 31, 2011
Thursday PM

Dear Editor,

This letter is in regards to the issue of nurses in the health care system today. There is an increase in the number of acutely ill patients to the lower number of nurses to attend to their needs. Nurses are dealing with job dissatisfaction, burnout, distress, physical and mental illnesses due to the heavy workloads. Patients on the other hand, are unhappy about the shortage in delivery of care.

Based on two recent Canadian research articles, it clearly demonstrates that the workload and elevated stress in the workplace can adversely affect patient wellbeing and safety. Research also shows that the increase in patient load is linked to an increase in the number of falls, medication errors, blood and urinary infections. Statistics also support and illustrate that a large number of patients die each year due to medical errors as a result of increase workload.

Over the past years, the scope of the nurses role has increased. Not only do we care for the patients, but we work with doctors to cure the patients. On the other hand, we help coordinate in the care of the patients. We protect the patients. We teach the patients and their families. We are the patients advocate. Due to the claw backs in funding, hiring, and maintaining staff on the units are a struggle, nurses are expected to take up the slack, and fill in the gaps where there are layoffs in other areas to complete personal support workers tasks and administrative work.

We are struggling to complete our work. We need to come together to collaborate in order to create change. Every nurse should get involved, voice their concern, and write to their union. Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) Local 83, which act as the nurses union and its advocate, should make the effort in keeping the existing nurses satisfied and feeling rewarded, and creates incentive programs to attract a higher number of educates to this field. Since workload is the first reason that results in nurses dissatisfaction, the Ontario Nurses Association must negotiate this matter with the provincial government in making a difference. All nurses must be vocal about this issue. We should all make the autonomous decision to create the change. We can make a difference. It is our future.


Rida Wazni
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

About: "I am a student nurse and trying to publish a letter in regard to the workload in the hospital "

Received March 29, 2011 - Published March 31, 2011



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