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Misappropriations or good business?
By Gayle Brooks


March 28, 2011

We the people have been screaming from every corner of the U.S. about Government spending and misspending, and here we are in small town America adding to the pile.

Busing. We will collect the dollars on your child’s head from the state BUT we will not bus them to their school.

Oh! Wait that’s not totally true, we will bus them to a school of the School Boards choice. Not the school of your choice, not the school you have chosen for you child. Only the school they deem your child should go to.

Yet they care about your kids and you! It is in your best interest isn’t it?

My children will be part of the 5%, 6% or 12% (the number keeps changing depending on who you talk to) who are expected to be driven or walk 3 miles to a boundary and then have to hope there is room on said bus.

Some of my children go to the school that 22% of the children live outside the boundaries.

Do I care? Am I mad?  Will I drive my children to school even if the head count dollars are collected on them and the busing is not provided? Is that misappropriation?

I recommend to the state they not pay the head count dollars on my children because I will have to transport some of them myself.

If I have to drive one I may as well drive the rest of them.

For 23 years I have had children in this school district. I have put each child in the school that best suited his or her needs. I will continue with this method for each child but I must say this recent way to save money is not helpful to my Children or me, and it doesn’t sound helpful to a lot of the students and their families that I have talked to.

3 of the 7 board members I emailed bounced back as failed delivery so I am pleading in public


Gayle Brooks
AKA Mom, Grandma & Auntie
23 years in Ketchikan (this time)
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 22, 2011 - Published March 28, 2011



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