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States Rights
By A. M. Johnson


March 28, 2011

Editor Sitnews,

It has been a very frustrating past few days from Senator Begich and Representative Young's visits to Ketchikan. Frustrating from the standpoint of typical "No Action" visible from either of these two or Senator Murkowski, in taking firm aggressive stances on various Federal acts such as the Tongass Roadless Act, that are detrimental to Alaska and Ketchikan in particular.

Should the reader still have access to the March 24th and 25th issue of the Ketchikan Daily News, take a moment to re-read both presentations. The common theme reflects Federal Control with our elected officials inabilities to represent Alaska with any aggressive or creative process.

The need for hydro power across the State and particularly in SE Alaska should reside with our State department of Natural resource. They I am sure, are as equally responsible and intelligent to address anything the "We need to take time and stall this issue along as for as long as we can" Federal Government. Both Congressional members clearly indicated their willingness to allow this flimsy reasoning to be acceptable. It is not!! The Forest Service work for the general public. and delay should not be tolerated.

The Tongass Forest should rightfully belong to the citizens of Alaska. If the Federal Government wants to control segments of the Tongass, or Glacier Bay, or Denali Park, then the Federal Government should lease those assets from the State of Alaska for fair market value.

Given the opportunity to develop our resources, including power generation, coal, natural gas, petroleum, timber, fish, Alaska would not be asking or accepting Federal funds. Alaska would be self sufficient. As an example,She could and would build ALL THREE anticipated ferries in Ketchikan. Why should we be held hostage to Federal edicts regarding bidding if we are able to fund in State?

Take a minute and reflect on what Alaska could, would and has the ability to do released from the Federal tit.

Both Senator Begich and Representative young with Senator Murkowski, kowtow to the Federal agencies that affect Alaska. In point allowing the Federal Government employee/appointee to render power to constrict or deny required actions to address Alaska and particularly Ketchikan's economical development which transforms into servitude of a Master/Slave relationship.

Accepting that primes for the moment, the larger picture is to correct this over reach of the Federal Government, not submit to it. Change course and challenge the Federal Government through States Rights.

Our Congressional members should in my opinion, demand that all Federal holdings, not only in Alaska but in every State, not authorized by the U.S. Constitution be returned to each individual; State. These Congressional members have the authority to make an important initial move by submitting or supporting defunding of the various agencies that are affecting our Alaska well being. Defund them to the point of extinction.

Begin defunding with the Department of Agriculture (U.S.Forest Service), Department of Energy, and EPA.

Later after successfully defunding these, start on a short list including Department of Education, Federal Reserve, Fanny Mae/Mac.

Alaska as with all our great States should be in total control of all their lands and the resources under and above ground from the highest mountain to the off shore limits. Nobody 3,000 miles away in Washington D.C. has any better concept or understanding of Alaska than Alaskans.

In my opinion, Senators Begich and Murkowski with Representative Young are playing the political game of appeasement always aware of the next election cycle. We would be better served with term limits allowing elected members of Congress the ability to argue and defend without fear of election repercussions. We would be better served standing up to the Federal Government and stop being wards of the Federal state.

Just saying.

Ketchikan, AK

About: "Senior Alaskan who believes in the Constitution as intended. The majority power lays with the States, the powers of the Federal Government are limited"

Received March 28, 2011 - Published March 28, 2011


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