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Homeless in Ketchikan
By Kristen Gilliard


March 21, 2011

I am looking at the apartments and duplexes that are available in Ketchikan for housing. It seems that the going rate for a 2-bedroom is anywhere from $900.00 - $1500.00 a month. These do NOT include electricity, heat or hot water. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? I cannot believe that the rent rates continue to grow yet the broken window & maggot infested carpeted units are not being looked at. I read that with the census: Ketchikan is allotted additional funding: BET YOU THAT I DON'T SEE 1 PENNY OF HELP!

How can anyone get away with charging that much rent in today's economy with units that would be condemned in the lower 48? I make $17.00 an hour full time. I am still NOT self-sufficient to pay rent with electricity, food, childcare, and other expenses.

The State assistance office and Housing offices do NOT count rent as an expense. I guess everyone in Ketchikan thinks that paying 70% of your income for housing is normal. I'll probably have to relocate my daughters somewhere else because Ketchikan makes it too hard to stay.

Isn't it bad enough we pay extra for being in Alaska in the first place: UUGGHHH! I'm completely discouraged!

I'M READY TO RALLY & PROTEST. I know I'm not the ONLY SINGLE PARENT worrying about this.

Kristen Gilliard
Ketchikan, AK


Received March , 2011 - Published March 21, 2011


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