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KPU, Keep it!
By Jason Mitchell


March 21, 2011

Please don't sell Ketchikan Public Utilities (KPU), as residents of Ketchikan, we have all had to deal with businesses out of town, whether it's your credit cards, or your mortgage, or a plethora of other things.

What do you think every time you've had to go through this?
Press 1 for English
Press 0 hoping for a person
Find out that that isn't an option
Listen for the correct option to push
Push that button, wait on hold

What happens when you call KPU, 225-1000
Tell Kitty what you need help with

Have a problem with your DSL Modem? bring it in, get it switched out.

Let's not even start talking about their pricing.

Selling out to MTA is the wrong option, if the city must get it off its books, spin it off to a Cooperative

It's bad enough that MTA is handling our tech support -- (This is about to get technical)

MTA uses as system called PPoE

KPU doesn't.

What does that mean for you? Call in after hours with problems with your internet, and see how well it works out for you having someone from Mat-su trying to help you with a system they don't fully understand.

In short, selling KPU off to some out-of-town company might make fiscal sense, but won't end well for people like you and me, a quick hit of cash may seem like a great idea, but longterm it's giving up what makes KPU-telco a great, local service.

Please vote no on April 6th.

Jason Mitchell
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I've lived in Ketchikan off and on since I was 5, I am now 23."

Received March 18, 2011 - Published March 21, 2011


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