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NPR funding/States Rights
By A. M. Johnson


March 21, 2011

Editor, Sitnews,

The following letter has been submitted to both Senator Murkowske and Representative Young. I find no use to address Senator Begich with this issue.

Senator Murkowski
Representative Young,

In reading the following article regarding NPR funding I was disappointed to learn, had the legislation passed it would not achieve the goal that the general public, or at least, this author, believed was the intent. To reduce the budget deficit. Your arguments in favor of funding are straw men.

The larger question is to have the two of you clarify once again, where in the Constitution there is authority in any event, to fund this specific activity. NPR funding is but one. Abortion funding, same sex or marriage to a cow, goat etc, are others that come to mind, What is different from these as that of each State addressing conceal carry for firearms?

It would appear that NPR funding would be more aptly a State issue allowing individual State legislatures to address funding NPR within the individual State boundaries. While the noise transgress the airwaves in all directions, the stations involved reside within the boundaries of the specific State and would seemingly fall within the provisions of local funding.

As with many Federal programs, while well intended, lead to Federal over reach with regulations and long distance control by unknowing of local needs and such.

With the fiscal mess that Congress has allowed to fester to the point of creating a National fiasco is it not time to admit Federal over reach has reached the pinnacle dictating real consideration of addressing States Rights.

Start with a re visit to the U.S.Constitution and repudiate the ill advised habits of assuming States Rights into Federal edicts. To assist Congress in this effort, States should begin repudiation of those laws and intrusions by the Federal Government that each State believes imputes their Constitutional granted authority to legislate on behalf of their respective State.

Begin the process of returning to the States all that has clearly been extracted,legislated, surrendered under false legislation pretends by the Federal Government under both Republican and Democrat party involvement. All Federally held lands, forest, and resources constrained under Federal control in violation of the clearly stated restrictions regarding Federal holdings within any State of the Union. In addition to this action to return rightful ownership to the States, Defund all the Federal agencies that are involved with those violations. Department of Education, Engery,Housing and urban renewal, Federal Reserve, just to name a few.

At this point, with Congress at a all time low public opinion status with no end of disappointment by the general public it is high time to make amends with honest confrontment of past and current misrepresentations of Constitutional authority not allowed or authorized by the Constitution.

Congress is limited at to the powers it contains while the States are unlimited in the powers they are allowed, save the restrictions clearly posted for Federal Government activity.

The Sheeple are awake, and they are becoming restless.


A. M. Johnson
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Disenchanted with the inability of Congress to address the National Debt."

Received March 20, 2011 - Published March 21, 2011



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