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More Humanists, Theologians,
and Religious Philosophers Needed?

By Robert Warner


March 11, 2011
Friday PM

Dear Sitnews Editor:

The University of Alaska Southeast apparently believes that Ketchikan needs to train more humanists, theologians, and religious philosophers.  Is it strange, but I don't see any listings for employment in these areas according to the Alaska State Employment Service?  To hire a religious theologian from Texas seems to be another illogical decision of top administrators at UAS.  About a year ago, I attempted to ask why it would take a full year to make such a decision. To hire such a individual with little if any knowledge of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest makes little sense in my opinion.

We need to recognize, however,  that our community has had virtually no voice in hiring Ketchikan campus administrators since the community college was eliminated in 1987.  Yes, there is suppose to be a local advisory council for the campus, but its members are appointed by the Juneau based UAS bureaucracy who also hires the campus director.  It has been rumored that members must sign a loyalty oath with their application. At least one member of this council has been on this council for over 14 years with a possible conflict of interest.  Prior to 1987, as a semi-independent  community college,  the local Borough Assembly had a veto over such appointments made by the University administration.

Is taking a year to hire a theologian from Texas a clear signal that little will be done to expand vocational and technical programs that could actually  help our residents with jobs or find employment?  Like all previous UAS appointments, there is no documentation that this will bring  training and jobs to Ketchikan. What ever happened to that small business program or that diesel equipment training that could actually help people in the world of work?

Closing the campus might be the only logical alternative to this nonsense.

Robert D. Warner
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 10, 2011 - Published March 11, 2011



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