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Hero of the day
By Judith Green


March 07, 2011
Monday PM

We have a good neighbor in town - other than "state farm". I think we need to start a bulletin board for HERO OF THE DAY!

I am a resident of Herring Cove - 8.5 miles south of town - and live on Power House Road. This road is short and narrow.

I am what my children call "old" - a senior citizen age 65 plus some.

I leave my little cottage usually about 7 am to head to work. This morning I went out early to ... shovel off the car and ... I was so hoping to get this all accomplished BEFORE the snow plow - ugh! I did not make the start gate soon enough.

So while I am shoveling off the car, there goes the AK DOT snow plow right past me. I am already knee deep in snow (of course this is light feathery beautiful snow so rather 'easy' to shovel) ... BUT I am standing there watching this monster snow plow go down this very narrow strip of road while I (not in my night cap or gown) stood gaping at it thinking "WHY?!?!". Oh well, I'll show him, I will shovel madly all that stuff he just put in front of my car and put it right back in the road. So there! I felt better. but... what to my wondering eyes should appear ... not 8 tiny reindeer ... but the AK DOT snow plow coming back up the road AND this snow plow driver put my thoughts to shame. He very nicely came through and pushed all that fresh shoveled frustration out of the way. I had not yet got to the point of thinking - oh, how am I going to get my car, which is not a Ketchikan extra tuf (subaru), out onto the road. Not to worry - this snow plow driver cleared the path for me.

I had to follow him part way into town and all along the way I see this HERO OF THE DAY carefully plowing the road. As he came to a fresh shoveled driveway, he did not plow it in. This takes extra time on his part, but makes for such a wonderful thought process - we have caring folks here in our town and these caring folks have jobs here in our town and I say - 3 CHEERS ! ! ! and THANK YOU.

My day had a cheerful beginning.

Judith Green
resident on Power House Road
Ketchikan, AK


Received March 03, 2011 - Published March 07, 2011



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