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What a pain
By Charles Edwardson


March 07, 2011
Monday PM

Regarding the stop light at the bottom of Jefferson, I don't know if this bothers anyone else and it might seem like petty stuff, but what a pain in the --- it is.

It is obviously not a turning lane at the stop light at the bottom of Jefferson going north and south (actually east and west Tongass) but inevitably some one always tries to turn into oncoming traffic to the left, going either up Jefferson or turn left going into Carrs. They stop in the through lane, which is probably illegal, wait for some one to let them through which they never do -- cause why? It's NOT a turning lane, if it was it would be marked or there would be a sign saying it is a turning lane. So what happens is they bottle up traffic behind them forcing traffic coming up behind them to try to get in the right lane further stalling right lane traffic , then whoever is trying to get into on coming traffic turning left either misses the light or runs through the light when they finally realize jeez no body's letting me through. Why? because its NOT a turning lane.

I have to admit I tried turning up Jefferson once and no body let me pass. I guess because it's NOT a turning lane. Like I said, I tried it "once" -- how's that go, fool me once shame on me fool me twice I'm a dumb --- .

To the city powers, either make it a turning lane or not.

I've a lot more pressing issues, I am starting to write down for future publications on Sitnews like -- holy cow tourism brings in more than expected in 2010, golly how'd that happen?) Good thing we reduced the head tax (sarcasm).

As I said many times, tourists are coming to Ketchikan and fifty bucks wasn't going to stop them, they're still coming and will continue to come no matter what happens. Not many other places to go on this planet without fear of your lives, but more on this later.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK

About: general contractor

Received March , 2011 - Published March 07, 2011


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