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Forest Service Proposal
By A. M. Johnson


March 07, 2011
Monday PM


I recently sent this letter to Senator Murkowski regarding her review with the US Forest Service CEO Tom Tidwell, no friend to Alaska.

Senator Murkowski,

Good slap down on the U.S.Forest Service's Tom Tidwell proposal for the Tongass. You hit all the major points of contention. Your line of reason and inquiry was spot on. NOW, If you would align these thoughts and comments to Mr. Tidwell with the State of Alaska OWNING ALL the land within the boundary of our State. As each and every State should own all of their lands. Each State should own all the resources above and below the ground.

Just think of what Alaska would look and be like if she owned her resources outright.

Enjoy the thought that the all the radical conservation agents who so dislike America, having to face off with the elected representatives of those areas of the State that cry for development who interact with their voting constituents seeking gainful employment and the American way of life. Not some far distant unknowing Federal over reaching official.

Give some thought to becoming vocal on the subject of States Rights.

It is obvious that attempting to work with this administration is a full out failure. Pushing for States Rights will place you in a positive light.


In addition to this letter to the Senator, I would suggest to the general public that as they begin to see the upward price trend at the local gasoline outlets, take their frustration out on the radical conservation organizations such as Southeast Conservation Society, Sitka Conservation society, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace, Inc. Center for Biological Diversity, Cascadia Wildlands Project and many more such socialistic organizations that have, in my opinion, demonstrated a real deep dislike for America.

These groups collectively through misrepresentation and political manipulation are on track to bring this great Nation to its knees. With the continued assistance of "Our President" and his administraton they may will succeed.


Ketchikan, AK

About: "Old enough and around long enough to remember the start of this socialist take over of our State by the Fed's and radical conservation groups."

Received March 05, 2011 - Published March 07, 2011


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Thursday - March 03, 2011

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