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Victims of Identity Security Breach Should Be Given Automatic Enrollment
Democratic Caucus Recommends Corrective Action by State Departments


March 10, 2010

Thirteen House Democrats asked Attorney General Designate Dan Sullivan Tuesday to take further action to protect state employees and retirees rendered vulnerable by a recent loss of personal data from state computers. Their request follows a January 29, 2010 letter regarding the security breach and subsequent settlement with the contractor who lost the data, PricewaterhouseCoopers.

"Along with thousands of Alaskans, we remain concerned about the massive loss of confidential information and the potential future consequences," the letter began. "Additionally, we are hearing that many of the affected employees/retirees have not received the notification letter or have been unable to comply with the directions."

The Democratic lawmakers told Attorney General Sullivan the state's response is inadequate. They believe affected state employees and retirees should all be automatically enrolled in identity theft protection, and that the protection should last longer than two years. The present administration plan requires affected workers and retirees to actively opt in and complete an on-line application for credit protection at one of several available levels of protection, including ongoing monitoring or a credit freeze.

"We ask the Department of Law and the Department of Administration to defend Alaska employees and retirees," the lawmakers wrote, "by amending the settlement to require automatic enrollment in identity theft protection and at least a five year duration of that protection."

Finally, the House Democrats again questioned whether PricewaterhouseCoopers failed to comply with Alaska law requiring companies to immediately notify those affected if a breach of security occurs.

"The two month time lapse between knowing about the data loss and disclosing to affected parties violated the law," the legislators wrote.

The letter was signed by Representatives Berta Gardner, Beth Kerttula, David Guttenberg, Bob Buch, Sharon Cissna, Harry Crawford, Mike Doogan, Neal Foster, Max Gruenberg, Scott Kawasaki, Pete Petersen, Woodie Salmon, and Chris Tuck.


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